Welcome to my website!

I am a Transportation Planner and Engineer, Spatial Analyst and
Software Enthusiast with a passion about Public Transportation Systems,
including Strategic and Service Planning, Scheduling, Policy and Management.
Currently working as a Bus Service Planner at the Chicago Transit Authority.
Feel free to browse my website and learn more about my activities.


This directory will present a collection of projects that I made as part of my coursework or transit-related projects that I made or participated and shared with local transit agencies.

Athens Archive

This directory will host one of the biggest projects that I am trying to create. It will feature a dynamic map of the Athens area, in which someone can take a look at the history of certain bus, trolleybus and tram lines at different times, or view a snapshot of the network at a specific day in the past (as long as data exists). I will provide more information about the structure in the future; you are welcome to help me accomplish this big project!
For now, you can find a collection of maps and brochures from 1979 to date.

Paper Bus Models

This directory holds one of the first hobby projects that I started and decided to share. You can find designs of various public transport buses currently or in the past operated in Athens, as well as blank/white templates to design, print and assemble on your own.